Thumbs Up on New Seesmic App for the iPhone

Seesmic is already one of the leading desktop Twitter clients available right now. @loic and his team have put together a very solid client and they work hard to keep it that way. Just a few hours ago, they announced the brand-new Seesmic for iPhone app, and @Scobleizer is already lovin’ it. He’s stated publicly that he will be using this as his primary Twitter app on the go from now on.

Seesmic for iPhone is NOT just for Twitter, though. It allows you to update dozens of your social network pages all at once, including Twitter, Facebook,, MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. It lets you see your friends’ timelines, your mentions and private messages and check out the profiles of others. You can update or delete your own status messages, post links and pictures and even geotag your updates. It’s a powerful little app, and one that just may replace the new client from Twitter for a lot of people (and not just Scoble!).

When you are writing a message, one of the functions you’ll see is photo sharing. You can take a new pic right from within the app, or grab one out of your gallery to upload. Also while composing, you can quickly add your location to the status by clicking “add location.” Shorten up those URLs while dashing off a quick message by entering your credentials ahead of time in the settings of the app.

I will be checking this out later today for myself. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts as you download and play with the app for yourself. Seesmic welcomes your feedback, as well.