Corn Kills More People Than Terrorists Do

Don’t squint; you can view and embed the full High Fructose Resolution infographic, too:

Corn Terrorism

It’s no laughing matter, my friends. Corn kills more people than terrorists do – and it’s attacking us largely in the form of high fructose corn syrup. For further insight, I recommend watching:

“Eating better” isn’t always cost effective, but the long-term costs associated with your general health far outweigh the short-term benefits of cheaper foodstuffs. It’s not just about “moderation,” as any amount of junk is junk nonetheless.

Your life may very well depend on understanding the problem and taking some personal responsibility for what you’re sticking into your mouth. Turning a blind eye to the situation will not make it go away, either.

I’m grateful that @Kristin was able to help me better visualize the situation by crafting this infographic, using conservative public statistics and open records. Make no mistake: you have a greater chance of dying from too much corn than you do by a terrorist plot.