Chris Pirillo Action Figures are Here

Chris Pirillo Action Figures

It’s time to collect your very own Chris Pirillo Action Figure! I didn’t come up with the idea, mind you – the company that makes ’em approached me a few months ago with an offer.

It’s $50 for a large Pirillo head and/or $25 for a small Pirillo head – or you can buy the heads with action figure bodies and accessories.

  • Military Brown – This set includes the action figure dressed in Military Brown pants, a belt/holster, a brown vest, black boots and a gun. Me with a gun is a scary thought, I know.
  • Casual – This is my personal favorite, since it’s how I dress every day. This version of action figure me is sporting jeans and a t-shirt, shoes, a belt and sunglasses. Gotta protect my eyes from that evil yellow ball, you know.
  • Indiana Jones – Go ahead, admit it. You’ve always wished you could be Indy! This Pirillo is outfitted with brown pants, shirt and shoes. I have a whip-cracking arm (complete with whip) and a tiny gun in a little holster.
  • Business Suit – The more professional mini-me is decked out from head-to-toe in a business suit, belt, shoes and power tie.

LEGO Minifig Me

As I said before, though: you can also choose to buy just the figure head alone, then place it atop any action figure you already own. Go on… turn me into Hulk Hogan, G.I. Joe, or Wonder Woman. (Please – let’s not. I was only kidding about the Wonder Woman idea)

Geek Action Figures

I have a feeling you’re going to want to collect them all. If you take a look at my live stream, you’ll see they have a place of honor on my desk – right in front of the camera. I think everyone likes looking at these even more than they like seeing my real face on the screen.

Imperial Geektrooper

Everyone has a little action figure inside of them. Let your inner hero shine through by checking out everything you can do on Thats My Face.

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