Twitter Expanding Short URLs – Accessible via Search

If you are in the business of making connections on Twitter, you should be regularly monitoring yourself via keyword searches. I keep close track of what is showing up on Twitter with keywords such as Pirillo, Lockergnome and even Gnomedex so that I know whether or not I need to tweak the way I am sending out information. After all, if word about what we’re up to isn’t getting out on the Web then there isn’t much reason to be doing anything at all.

I came across something very cool and important a few moments ago purely by accident. I did a routine Twitter search of the word Pirillo. What I saw made me blink and check again to be sure I had seen correctly the first time: Over three-quarters of the results didn’t have my name anywhere in the tweet. Instead, there were shortened links in the tweets… such as those from and Those links went straight to one or another of my sites, such as or

This is important to note for all of us. Twitter is apparently very quietly resolving links in the background to grab the keywords and turn them into searchable results. For anyone who posts a lot of content, this is huge news. The writers on Lockergnome work hard to write solid content. A simple tweet or retweet no longer even has to have the word Lockergnome in it to have it show up in subsequent searches.

The possibilities for this are endless. I know that sometimes a person may stumble across a link of mine on Twitter that they found helpful. They may decide to do a search of my name to see what else they can learn from. Not only will they find tweets that actually have my name in them… they’re going to find every tweet containing a short url linking back to one of my sites.

Twitter expanding short URLs to be accessible via a simple search could potentially lead to highly increased traffic on our websites. How can that not be a good thing?