How to Set up an iPad

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I received my iPad 3G the other day, and decided to set it all up on my live stream. I had a USB cable plugged in to my MacBook Pro, and then took the other end and connected it to the new iPad. That really was all I had to do. The device booted up and connected me to iTunes. It asked me to set it up as a new iPad. I had to give it a name first… and asked the chat room for ideas. I’m liking the name Pythagoras. In theory, it’s an excellent choice.

After I had stepped through that section, I was ready to rock and roll. I chose to not sync anything automatically. I have my iPhone set up on the same computer, and I want to manage it separately from the iPad. Of course, I had to wait for activation, which takes a bit of time.

While I waited for the iPad 3G to start working, I went through the list to toggle certain features that I need. I encrypted the iPad, and converted my music to a lower bitrate to save space. I didn’t sync all of my apps, because there are many on my iPhone that I won’t want on the iPad. I’ll have to do those manually.

Even though I had to wait for activation to finish, I could still use the iPad. I couldn’t connect through AT&Ts 3G network, but I was able to do pretty much everything else. Stay tuned for another video, where I will be activating the 3G network and zooming along the information highway.

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