Crazy Airplane Passenger

Back when I posted my rendition of airplane safety instructions, my fellow passengers likely thought I was a little odd. However, this lady makes me look like a completely sane and calm person. This lady, however, may have mixed some type of happy pills with an alcoholic beverage or two. I’m thinking perhaps she was afraid to fly. Maybe she took something before boarding to help her get through until landing. What else would explain how crazy she got on the airplane during the flight?

The poor guy next to her is praying that the airplane will crash and make the crazy woman go away. He likely asked for several Xanax pills of his own when they landed. Speaking of landing… she apparently turned even more crazy as they began their descent.

What do you do to pass the time on a long flight? Have you ever done something completely random, silly or crazy? I’d love to hear stories (or see videos!) from trips you’ve been on where you encountered an interesting fellow passenger.