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After we did another round of live phone calls, I decided to place Pixie on my lap and answer a few of your burning questions (at least, those being posted in the open chat room at the time). Mind you, only the questions were burning; I couldn’t answer questions related to burning sensations.

And to anybody who thinks I was a bit short with my answers – that was intentional. They were scrolling by so fast, I wanted to get to as many as I could. Plus, so many of the questions were impossibly general (answered before several times over in the hour preceding).

If you ask a “what is better” question in our live chat room, you’ll see one of the bots answer you with: “Chris recommends you use what you want to use, download what you want to download, try what you want to try, buy what you want to buy. These choices are all personal in nature, so it’s always difficult to answer the question of “which is better” (so don’t be surprised if Chris doesn’t answer your impossible question).”

Imagine being asked the same question every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year – then imagine how you would answer it for the 1,000,000th time. Imagine that.

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