Should You Wait to Buy an iPad?

Here’s another impossible question to answer:

I am from Romania, I’ll be in the US for the whole month of September and I have the following question: should I get an iPad, considering it will be midway through its cycle by then or should I wait for the iPad 2G?

Before you answer that, I’ll tell you a little about myself: I love Apple products, I have a February 2008 15″ MacBook Pro (the generation right after the one you’ve just replaced), I have an iPhone 3G and I’m planning to replace it with the one coming in the summer – and I’ll be a college student in the UK starting in October.

I am not planning to ditch the MacBook, obviously, as I’ll be getting a computing degree. Nor am I going to get a new MacBook Pro because I plan on replacing the HDD in this one to a SSD so I’ll have a good notebook for about another 18 months.

So, is an iPad worth it (for me)? I am considering the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G version, as I don’t want to be dependent upon Wi-Fi hotspots. I would like to have an iPad in order to read the school books on it, rather than purchasing or borrowing traditional books from the university’s library. Another reason would be the pure fact that I wouldn’t need to take my laptop with me to class and I could take notes on the iPad.

There’s never a great time to buy any product.

True, the iPad will have been out for a few month’s time by the time September rolls around, but I’m not sure that Apple will announce anything new that close to the Holiday season. It probably won’t be until early 2011 when we’d hear about the next iPad – and there’s no telling if it’ll be absolutely better than the model(s) available today. At least, “better” for you.

If you’re going to spend the money, get the 3G version. You aren’t forced into a subscription plan, and you’ll have Assisted GPS to boot. You can always sell what you buy at some point – and most Apple hardware has great resell value.

Even people who thought they could wait… couldn’t.