Would You Give up a Finger for an iPad?

I’ve seen people in my community claim they would give their left arm to own an iPad. When it comes down to it, though, I really doubt any of them would go that far. However, a thief may just take you at your word. The iPad is hot… and everyone wants one, whether they want to pay for the device or not.

Denver Police released a shocking surveillance video of a thief stealing a new iPad from a man in the Cherry Creek Mall. Bill Jordan didn’t even buy the tablet for himself, nor did he know what an iPad is. He was on a mission to purchase a gift for a coworker when the thief literally ripped the bag from his hand. All of the skin and tendons were torn completely off, leaving the bone bare and exposed. The finger had to be amputated, a fact made even worse for Jordan as he is left-handed.

Mr. Jordan is understandably irate over the entire situation. “I hope you understand what you’ve done to my life and my family’s life for a simple piece of apparatus that’ll be junk in a couple of years.”

I guess the iPad is more of a hot commodity than we thought. However, I can’t help but agree with Jordan. The iPad that was stolen from him will be obsolete in the near future. There will be new iterations released that will be even more sought-after than this generation of the product is. Someone has already gotten hurt. Will the next story we see have a more heinous outcome? Thieves really will stop at nothing, apparently.