HTML5 vs Flash

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HTML5 isn’t going to be something that will just fade away into oblivion, even if Adobe wishes it would. One caller the other night asked me about the differences between the two, and whether or not I think Flash will “die” once HTML5 is more widely used.

HTML5 is a specification that (to my knowledge) has not yet been made official. In fact, it’s been said that Adobe is holding back the ratification. Some of the richer features found in HTML5 would replace things found inside of proprietary platforms, such as with Adobe Flash. It’s obvious why companies like that wouldn’t want this to happen.

With that said, I do believe that HTML5 will start to become more widely used. Is it a Flash killer? Of course it’s not. Flash does much more than just allow for watching videos. 90% of the problems I have in my web browser are related to Flash in video playback, though. I can play the same video back using HTML5 in the same browser, and not use up as many of my resources.

Flash has done what it’s done. It’s been great. It’s seen its timeline. In terms of video playback, I do predict that HTML5 will replace Flash within the next five years.

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