What is Your Favorite iPad App?

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Someone asked me the other night what my favorite iPad app is thus far. Given that I have only had the iPad about a week, I haven’t had a chance yet to try out a large variety of apps. However, I do have a few favorites so far…

I am quite impressed with a few of the music apps, including the Pandora app. I’m a music fanatic – even if I can’t carry a tune. I have my channels down the side, along with album art and liner notes when using my Pandora app.

I’ve also used apps such as Shazam, although the interface is rather minimal. You can sing a song to it and the app will attempt to figure out what song it is.

If Shazam cannot find your song, then you can always try SoundHound. This is more full-featured and gives you a lot more options. This app will really help you discover music. I was given a review code for this particular app, but the opinion is mine. It’s an excellent app!

So if you’re wondering what my favorite app is so far… SoundHound is it!

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