iPad Keyboard Dock Review

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I am definitely enjoying my iPad, even though I’ve only had it for a few days now. The main problem I’m having, though, is trying to type on the device. When in Landscape mode, it’s seriously difficult to type with my thumbs (or even all ten digits!). In Portrait mode, it’s a little easier to use my thumbs. However, the virtual keyboard is so large that I can’t go very fast. To solve this problem, I bought myself the iPad Keyboard Dock from Apple.

This keyboard, by the way, is pretty much the same as the wireless keyboard that I use on my Mac Pro. I love that particular keyboard. It allows me to type faster than I ever have before… seriously! It really is excellent.

In the little bit of time I’ve used this keyboard dock for my iPad, I’ve been really happy with it. I can plug my audio speakers into the back of it if I wanted. I’d like to find a form-fitting protector for the back of the iPad so that it’s not so exposed when it’s sitting in the dock.

Using the keyboard is very simple. It has all of the normal keys you would expect. There is a search key and even a brightness key. I really appreciate that, so that I don’t have to migrate through the iPad itself to adjust the screen brightness. You’ll also find a button that will automatically open a photo slideshow. It can’t get any easier than that.

There’s a blank function key at the top. I’m not really sure what that’s for… perhaps to help me get past a bout of writer’s block? You can mute the iPad by touching the volume down control on the built-in iPod controls.

As I already said, I’m really happy with this keyboard dock. It looks good, it works well and it lets me type properly again.

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