What's Your Favorite Feature of iPhone OS 4.0?

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I recorded an interview with a local radio station – and given that they’re likely to edit my thoughts down to 10 seconds of sound bytes, I thought I’d record my side of the conversation and save it for posterity.

Likely the biggest new development is the ability to multitask. The way that Apple has handled it is somewhat different than what other mobile carriers have given us. You’ll be able to run any type of application “in the background”. If you’re browsing the web and want to listen to your Pandora station you can do that now!

Another thing you’ll see is the ability to customize the wallpaper on your homescreen as you can on the iPad. This provides you with more options to make your iPhone (or iPod Touch) your own.

We’ll also see better organization in the new Folders. You can group apps together so that you have a much cleaner screen, and you can find things much easier. Theoretically, the devices will now be able to support over 200,000 apps.

We’re also going to have the ability to “gift” apps to friends and family members. If I have a wish-list of apps that I want, my family can just buy them for me!

This was just a short wrap-up of the new features in iPhone OS 4.0. I wrote a much more detailed post earlier today to discuss what’s coming in this iteration of the operating system.

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