Teen Sues Mom for Hacking his Facebook

A 16-year-old boy from Arkansas has filed suit against his own mother for breaking into his Facebook account and embarrassing him on his profile page. Denise New hacked her way into his account last month to “check on” him. Not only did she read what he’s been up to, she also posted some things about his personal life that her son didn’t appreciate. He brought action against her and even requested a “no contact” order. Ms. New is charged with harassment.

She isn’t taking the charges lightly, and vows to fight them. She believes that parents have the right to know everything their child is doing… even if they have to break in to their profiles to find out. However, the woman didn’t stop with checking up on her son. She posted some humiliating things to his Facebook Wall, including things like “This is what happens when you use my computer to get on Facebook” and “Does anyone have a room for rent? Help a poor mother out and get him out of my house”. Keep in mind that her son is only 16… and is now living with his grandparents.

What do you think? Does a parent’s rights to take care of their child extend to spying on them and humiliating them?

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