iPad Screen Saver

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Even when I’m not using my iPad, I can enjoy it. As you can see, a handful of pictures of Wicket and Pixie are floating through. This is a feature that is built in to the iPad, specifically when you’re not using it. This is – undoubtedly – THE best photo frame that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

It’s quite easy to enable this feature. Tap the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPad. Now, tap the Flower icon in the lower right corner. Your iPad is now showing off your favorite photos. To pause the slideshow you just need to tap your screen.

If you go into the Picture Frames options, you’ll find several different things you can adjust. Choose the “dissolve” transition if you want. Decide which albums you want to show off. You can even zoom in on faces and shuffle if you like.

This is absolutely stunning. Despite the screen attracting fingerprints… it truly is amazing. This is definitely one of my favorite features on the iPad.

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