iReverse Runs on Multiple Platforms (Including the iPad)

The iPad is not the only thing that people are buzzing about on the Web today. Adobe product manager Christian Cantrell has been busy making headlines of his own. Christian has created a Reversi game which can be played on the iPad.

That doesn’t sound like very big news, does it? It’s not an Earth-shattering announcement – until you realize that the same exact game also works on OS X, Windows, Linux, an iPod Touch and a Droid. Most apps and games are geared to work on one platform or another. They won’t work on different devices and systems without a lot of modification to the code. Usually, apps are written for various devices in different languages. iPhone developers use Objective-C, while BlackBerry and Android devs create their programs in Java. This is why Cantrell’s game is so groundbreaking.

According to Christian himself: ““There isn’t a single line of code I had to change to get this app to run on all these different operating systems and devices.” The exact same code base is used to build different versions for multiple environments. Every one of these versions is running on Adobe AIR technology. It’s unheard of to have one application be able to DO this. There’s simply no other platform in the world that has this level of flexibility.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many others will step up to the plate and begin taking advantage of AIR and what it can do for them. Who are we going to see breaking ground next?