Tweet From Your iPad With Twitepad

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I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone who ordered an iPad is on Twitter. I’d also wager that most of those people will be looking for a Twitter app as soon as their iPad is in their hot little hands. After all, how else are they going to brag to everyone that they now own an iPad?

In a few short days, the iPad will begin arriving on doorsteps all over the world. Developers have been working hard to create apps that consumers will feel they cannot live without. I have already seen several dozen different offerings and sneak peeks. TUAW discovered the above preview of the interesting Twitepad Twitter application.

Twitepad makes good use of the screen real estate on this new gadget by integrating a web browser into the client. This makes it easy to check out articles or links that appear on a Twitter timeline. Your iPad screen will be divided into two panes… one displaying your Twitter columns and one that contains the browser.

With Twitepad, you can use an unlimited number of Twitter accounts. If you are a person who doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure on Twitter, this app can accommodate all of your “personalities”.

If you have your iPad in Portrait view, you’ll have three columns in Twitepad. However, in Landscape view there are four of them. You can add, delete and rearrange all of these columns quickly by dragging them around.

I will be getting an iPad, and I am planning to try this app out for myself as soon as it’s available.

What iPad apps have come across your radar screen that you are intending to download or buy?

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