Virtual CloneDrive

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Bowman has produced several excellent screencasts for us in the past. I was only too happy to share this with all of you. The quality is, as usual, excellent! The content is important.

Virtual CloneDrive works just like any physical CD or DVD driver. However, it’s virtual! All image files made with CloneDrive can be mounted onto a virtual drive from either your hard disk or a network drive. The image can then be used the same way as if it was coming off of a normal CD or DVD drive!

Virtual CloneDrive will support all major image formats, such as an ISO or CCD file. It can support up to eight virtual drives at the same time! It’s very simple to use… just double-click an image file to mount it as a drive within the program. The best feature of all, though, is the fact that it won’t cost you a dime to use! How can anyone not love free stuff – especially when it makes your life so much easier?

Cloning your drive can be important. What if your hardware fails and you buy something brand new? Your information on the dead drive may be lost to you for good. If you have an image… you won’t have to worry about it!

Sadly, this program only runs in Windows. If you’re a Mac user like me, you’ll have to use it inside of your Windows install in a virtual machine.

Thanks, Bowman, for a job well done once again! If you’re interested in recording a screencast for us, make sure you’ve read our post full of rules, tips and tricks!

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