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I recently started broadcasting my live stream in SD widescreen (720×404). Once I made the switch via the Ustream Producer software, the live feed was no longer available in the current build of Ustream’s mobile applications. Moreover, I’ve been able to start pushing out a live video feed which doesn’t require Flash! This particular HTML5 version of my feed is truly of much higher quality than its Flash counterpart (and you can do a side-by-side comparison of the two in Safari on the Mac at the moment).

If you want to watch the stream in high quality on the iPhone or iPod Touch, head over to check out the new Pocket Pirillo application. You cannot watch it in high quality on Ustream, as I already explained above. Pocket Pirillo will allow you to keep up with the zany – or boring – moments in my life as they unfold in my home office.

You can also add Pocket Pirillo to your home screen if you wish. Thanks to Jared Pasanar for explaining it all to the community!

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