Top 10 Internet Addiction Symptoms

Guess what? Internet Addiction Might Actually Get Recognized By The Official Book Of Mental Disorders. I thought I’d compile a quick list that you might use to better diagnose yourself as a possible crazy person mental patient.

You might be addicted to the Internet if…

  1. You check your email more frequently than you blink.
  2. You tweet important life moments before telling your family.
  3. You end every sentence with the words “dot com.”
  4. You use acronyms like “LOL” and “WTF” in real-life conversations.
  5. You hashtag handwritten notes.
  6. You invited Google to a sleepover.
  7. You refuse to stay at a hotel that charges for WiFi.
  8. You demand that people email you when they listen to your voicemail greeting.
  9. You think the word “flicker” is misspelled.
  10. You prefer reading “top ten” lists on blogs compared to late night TV.

Am I missing any symptoms?

  • You get frustrated because you can’t “like” things you hear on the radio.
  • You think you should be subsidized by the government for not playing Farmville.
  • You believe you have real political power from being the Mayor of your local Starbucks.