How to Enable the Best Gmail Tweaks

If you didn’t already know, there’s a set of features you can enable in Gmail to enhance your experience with the email service – right now. They’re tucked away within the “Labs” Settings pane. As of today, a few more of these “Labs” scripts will be enabled by default.

It’s time to turn on a few of these unofficially-official Gmail features (if you haven’t already done so). To me, these are the top 10 Gmail Labs settings to use:

  1. Message translation – If you communicate in more than one language, this one is a must.
  2. Superstars – If you’re into visual navigation, enabling these additional “stars” will prove useful.
  3. Pictures in chat – I realize that Gmail is all about being lean, but I love seeing avatars in my IM window.
  4. Sender Time Zone – Unless the only people you know are in your time zone, you’ll want to turn this feature on.
  5. Right-side chat – Hey, the space is there for you to fill!
  6. Advanced IMAP Controls – This is a must if you, like me, experience Gmail from your desktop email client.
  7. Default ‘Reply to all’ – For some reason, people don’t realize that this is a useful function when there are more than just two people involved in an email conversation.
  8. Navbar drag and drop – If you’re a customization freak, toggle this feature and tweak yourself silly.
  9. Inbox preview – This is one of my favorite Labs features. Even on a fast Internet connection, using a fast browser, this Labs script shows you a barebones list of what’s sitting in your inbox before the page has fully loaded. Believe me – you want this.
  10. Create a Document – if you’re a Google Docs addict (like me), this’ll just make it easier to create a new item from within Gmail.

Okay, so I also happen to like: Undo Send, Title Tweaks, Don’t Forget Bob, Got the Wrong Bob, Inserting Images, Extra Emoji, Send & Archive, Mark Unread From Here, Google Calendar Gadget, and the Google Docs Gadget.

What are you waiting for? Make your own Gmail better!