What Easter Eggs are Found in Google?

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Devir has done a few screencasts for us in the past, with a lot of positive reviews. This time, he decided to have some fun, and show off several of the Easter Eggs he has found around Google’s sites. Don’t adjust your screen. The video is pausing at the beginning on purpose! That was Devir’s way of having a little fun with you all!

The first Easter Egg deals with the infamous Loch Ness Monster. Apparently, if you have iGoogle configured right, you will see this mysterious monster! If you change the theme to the Beach theme, you may see something interesting at precisecly 3:14am for about 60 seconds. This is a rumor, and is something that supposedly happens daily.

The next trick is a little simpler. Head over to Google.com/intl/xx-pirate/. This will take you to a search page that allows you to search like a pirate! All of your search results will be what you would normally receive. However, all of the text on the original page is pirate-speak!

You can also go to http://www.google.com/intl/xx-hacker/ to have hacker terminology on your main page!

Next you can have a bit of actual Easter fun! Point your browser to google.com/Easter/feature_easter.html. You can use your mouse cursor to help the little Easter bunny catch eggs in his basket, and spell out the word Google! You’ll probably end up addicted to this little game.

Now we’re going to head over to your Gmail account. Click on the Settings button. Now click on the Labs button. Now scroll down until you find the title Old Snakey and enable it. Make sure you save your changes. Now, whenever you are on your main Gmail homescreen, you’ll be able to click the & sign on your keyboard, which will allow you to play the Old Snakey game at any time, with just that one click on your keyboard.

The last trick Devir has for you is an old April Fool’s joke that Google played on us all a couple of years ago. Head over to google.com/mentalplex/. Once you’re there, you can enter a search term, or search smarter and faster using the Mentalplex. Stare into the moving circle while imagining what it is you want to search for. Let the Mentalplex show you your results! People really believed that this was something real, and was hilarious!

Thanks for another fun screencast, Devir. Great work!

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