Small Business Security

Among our readers are those individuals who run small businesses and have the responsibility for many computers. A common complaint that is heard is that it is very time consuming to protect and restore data for all those machines. To make it easier to manage workstations, we are recommending Acronis Backup & Recovery.

“Built to protect the intellectual property in desktops and laptops in small enterprises, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Workstation provides optimized data protection and ease of operation. It creates an exact disk image of your office desktop and allows you to back up key data files and folders. Designed to simplify system restores, users can perform self-service recovery for files and folders in moments without administrator intervention. Even an entire Windows system can be restored in minutes using an Acronis one-click restore feature.”

This programs offers a multitude of features. One that bears mentioning is encryption which is included. Using this security procedure should be part of everyday policy. This Acronis program supports operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

For a limited time, Acronis is offering our readers over a twelve percent discount (12%+). This offer is effective from February 2 to February 10, 2010.

Now it is possible to free the tech person from doing repetitive tasks. And just saving that tech person a few hours more than justifies the cost of this Acronis backup and restoration program.

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