Why Do Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod not Use Adobe Flash?

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The Internet is all abuzz with anger due to Apple’s decision not to use Flash on the iPhone operating system. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that decision. Flash is the most unstable piece of software I’ve ever used.

This morning, I checked stats on the recently uploaded Mountain Dew Throwback video, Flash crashed inside of Google Chrome. Sadly, this is something that I’m used to.

Why, pray tell, would you expect Apple to put such an unstable piece of software on their operating system? I don’t feel that it is something we need to have on the iPad, or the iPhone. You can disagree with that all you want – I’ll punch holes in every flawed argument you present. It has nothing to do with Apple wanting to make more money – it has to do with controlling the consumer experience, much like other CE manufacturers do. Flash would ruin the iPhone OS experience, not enhance it.

Go ahead, give it your best shot. Give me a good argument as to why I’m wrong. My mind is always open.

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