Why Isn't Adobe Flash on the iPhone, iPod, iPad?

Flash devours resources on OS X, hasn’t been re-engineered for efficiency with mobile processors, and is generally un-fucking-stable.

The #1 reason I finally upgraded to Snow Leopard was so that I could finally sandbox that POS Flash plugin to keep it from crashing my entire browser when it decided it wanted to take its crap-coated little ball and go home. I applaud Google for crafting Chrome to keep Flash from ruining your afternoon, too.

That’s why posts like this one on the Flash Blog make me laugh – but not because they’re getting sympathy from me, but because they’re making themselves look like jackasses. I can show you the exact same screenshot on my desktop when Flash crashes within Safari.

Blaming Apple for Adobe Flash’s shortcomings is like blaming a chair for breaking after you put an elephant on it.

Even in a (well written) post on Adobe’s behalf, John Nack admits to throwing paltry resources at the development of Flash on OS X. What’s the iPhone OS based on? The same underpinnings as OS X. Why on God’s Green Earth would Apple want to put a power-hungry, knowingly-unstable, development-starved platform onto any one of their devices? This isn’t Apple’s problem – it’s Adobe’s.

I’m not going to argue that Flash should be open source – it’s still somewhat of a browser-based standard, and I’m grateful that it’s taken us to where we are today. That’s not the drum I’m beating. I would say that HTML 5 has a fighting chance to supplant Flash, however.

The moment Adobe throws some time and attention into their Flash Player on Apple’s various platforms – with actual use cases and demonstrations on how much better it behaves – then I’d expect Apple to concede and let Flash run within the Safari app. I don’t need Flash anywhere else, thank you. AIR apps are awesome on the desktop, but part of the iPhone’s power is control of the App Store (a controlled consumer experience – which even Joe Hewitt admits to being a good one).

I don’t see Adobe making any other moves to rectify the situation – beyond whining.

Adobe needs to stop blaming Apple for its own shortcomings AND apologize for all the times I lost my work because Flash Player took down the entire Web browser session. 😉

I have zero empathy for the plights of shitty software – no matter how big the company that codes it might be. Have you taken a look at the desktop UI of any Adobe program? It’s beyond non-standard on either Windows or OS X. Apparently, they have always believed that “UI” was short for “Ugly Interface.”

…and you REALLY think this is Apple’s problem?

Just because Flash can conceivably run on a mobile device DOESN’T MEAN IT SHOULD.

What’s most funny about this iPhone / Flash argument (to me) is that the very same people who complain about short battery life are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who demand that power-hungry software should be on the device they expect to last longer than an hour. Unbelievable.

Adobe: make Flash better.