What is There to do in Singapore?

From all of the pictures I’ve seen over the years, it’s safe to say that Singapore is a beautiful place. David Xu wrote in to share with us some of his favorite places to visit in the city. I can close my eyes and picture some of these places, thanks to the great descriptions that David provided. I have to say that after reading through this list, Singapore is now on my list of places I need to visit someday!

  • Sentosa Island – This is an island off the southern coast of Singapore mainland, and is one of the most visited resorts of tourists. One can travel to Sentosa by car or bus, via the bridge, or use the cable cars that will allow you to have a sky view of the island before going on it. There are butterfly parks, dolphin lagoons, underwater world, go-karting, 3 amazing and relaxing beaches, and the Merlion tower. This tower is about 37 meters high, and is a replica of Singapore’s most enduring symbol. A Merlion is fish with a lion head.
  • Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – The Singapore Zoo is well known both in Southeast Asia and worldwide for its variety of animals and excellent pedigree. You’ll see everything from Chinese pandas to orang utans to white tigers. Certainly worth a visit and if you have the time, go for the Night Safari which is an interesting night tour of the zoo. Night Safari is the 1st nocturnal zoo in the world which was started in Singapore in the year 1994 and encompasses a total area of forty acres with 120 species and a total number of 1040 animals, out of which 29% are endangered species. The zoo has received a number of awards such as the top ten best family attractions, the best leisure attraction in Singapore and more. This open air zoo, which is open only at night, is set in a humid tropical forest and is divided into 8 zones which can be surveyed on foot or by taking trails and trams. There are a number of itineraries which include creatures of the night show shown by Leopard trails and tram journeys. The various attractions in the park include Fishing Cat Trail, Forest Giant’s Trail, and Himalayan Foothills, Nepalese River Valley, Giant Flying Squirrels, Bat Mangrove Walk and more.
  • Jurong Bird Park – If you’re bored of seeing the numerous shopping malls and restaurants in Singapore, then try visiting the Singapore Jurong Bird Park. The Jurong Bird Park is the largest open-concept bird park in the Asia Pacific, with over 600 species of birds. You can take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a scintillating sight of the Park. You can also enjoy the fantastic Penguin Exhibit with an underwater viewing gallery, along with the world-class All-Star Bird Show.
  • The Singapore Botanical Gardens – Among the most interesting and most visited place in Singapore is the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The gardens are a lush and scenic park spread over 52 hectares of land right in the heart of the city. The garden is accessible from the Holland road and Cluny Road, just off the western end of Orchard Road. The park is a great spot for people who want to enjoy time at a leisurely pace, go for a jog or set up a picnic spot. The Botanic Gardens are rather distinctive as they contain a whole variety of flora from differing climates.
  • Haw Par Villa – The ‘Haw Par Villa’, is an important tourist spot in Singapore. You can see all the different mythological and legends of the Chinese culture here. Moreover, you will be entertained by the dragon dances and other cultural shows. A dragon boat ride brings you through the ups and downs of the Chinese Hell.
  • Chinatown – If you’re interested in the culture and sights of the largest ethnic group in Singapore, then Chinatown is a must visit for its interesting little curio shops and cultural fare. Make sure you pop in to try the local food and also shop for traditional Chinese stuff like herbs and mahjong sets or jade.
  • Singapore River – This is the place to be at night. The scenery is really indescribable. Included is a picture of Downtown Singapore at night. You can see the Singapore River in the middle, and towards the left, there’s a triangular shaped building. That is the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore’s very own 6 star hotel.
  • Esplanade – The Esplanade is easily differentiated from the other buildings around it due to its unique architectural design. Its design is similar to the tropical fruit, durian, so many Singaporeans refer to the Esplanade as “The Durian”. It is a place that is worth taking a photo with as you won’t see this design anywhere in the world.
  • Singapore Science Center – For budding scientists, the world-acclaimed Science Centre Singapore will keep your mind racing with more than 1,000 interactive exhibits depicting the wonder and beauty of science. Apart from the main exhibition galleries, the Omni-Theatre is also one of the central attractions of the Science Centre Singapore. The five-storey high and 23 meters diameter hemispheric giant screen and sophisticated sound systems promise audiences a thrilling cinematic experience.
  • Food! – Singapore is Food City. There are many other good reasons to stay in Singapore, such as the Night Safari at the zoo, the Bird Park, Sentosa, the war memorials, and even the shopping. But eating is the attraction that could keep visitors amused for weeks. Singaporeans love eating. Anything, at any time. To get the best from Singapore eating, it’s advisable to break all the Australian rules. Head for shopping centers. Go to luxury hotels. Indulge in fast food. Look for buffets. And eat something strange.

What about you? Have you been to Singapore? Did David list all of your favorite places? What about where you live – what are the best things to see and do in your area?