Daynah, iPhone Girl Geek!

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Traci Toguchi was in Vegas last week, covering the CES conference for us. While, there, she hooked up with Daynah, who was kind enough to help record some of the videos. Daynah is a hard-core Geekette to the max, boys… She’s a PHP coder, a gadget junkie and a WordPress guru!

Daynah works for iProng Magazine, where they write about anything and everything related to iPhones. Daynah has been to CES in the past, and was duly impressed this year. As a gadget geek, she was excited by all of the awesome things she got to play with on the floor this year.

Being an iPhone fanatic at heart, Daynah was ecstatic to see all of the goodies on display at CES that all related to the iPhone. She picked up several new things, including something to do with Hello Kitty. I’m not so sure I want to know what that is all about, Daynah!

This year, Daynah is looking forward to Macworld, which is coming up in just a few weeks! Knowing Daynah, I know she’ll be seventh Heaven while she’s there!

Thanks to Creative for sending Traci the awesome Vado3 to use for recording purposes. It made things much easier on her!

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