Use Wayback Machine to Go Back in Internet Time

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Have you ever wondered how websites used to look back in the day? Wayback Machine lets you find out easily. Oday has done this screencast for us to show all of you some of the many fun things you can do with Wayback Machine.

If you head over to the Wayback Machine, you simply need to enter the name of any website, and select from the archived dates available. It won’t give you all of the pictures and text of the old website, but you’ll get an idea of how it looked in the past. You can look through more than 150 billion web pages, archiving of which began in 1996.

On the parent site,, there are many more interesting things to do. Browse books, music and even art. You’ll even find more than 60,000 books from the Library of Congress! This is a great place for teachers and students alike to research any number of topics. Unlike Wikipedia, the information found at Archive is reliable at all times.

Thanks, Oday, for an excellent look at a fun website!

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