Touch the Future with Light Blue Optics

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Traci is in Las Vegas this week, attending CES 2010. She was kind enough to agree to be our stand-in this year, and capture some of the best moments of the conference. Traci is using a Vado 3 to record during CES, courtesy of the folks at Creative. Here, Traci is talking to Dr. Adrian Cable, the CTO of Light Blue Optics.

Light Blue Optics announced the release of their new Light Touch: a 10-inch touchscreen projector which is based on lasers. The Light Touch boasts WVGA resolution, thanks to its laser-based pico production engine and infrared touch-sensing system.

The Light Touch turns any flat surface into an auto-focused and image-adjusted 10-inch touchscreen! Light Touch runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and includes WiFi and Bluetooth radios. It features 2 GB of on-board storage (with microSD slot for up to 32GB more), and a battery capable of about 2 hours’ worth of runtime.

That’s right – turn any flat surface – such as a wall or table – into a touchable and interactive device! With the photo table application, you can easily display and move photos around. Scroll them around for a slide show if you wish. With the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, you can quickly connect to the Internet and integrate your favorite social networking sites.

Sadly, the Light Touch isn’t available quite yet. It’s up to you as to how soon it will be released! Keep an eye on Light Blue Optics over the next few days to find out more exciting news.

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