BumpTop on the Mac

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FINALLY BumpTop has come to the Mac! Up until recently, it was only available for Windows users. I used it often on my Windows install, and love it. The Mac version is still in private beta, so you won’t see the things I do when you go to the webpage. However, if you sign up, maybe you’ll be able to get in on the next release! BumpTop is basically a different type of desktop that you can use. You can customize it in any number of ways. It will make your desktop more functional – and more fun!

BumpTop lets you create piles out of the icons and files/folders on your desktop. However, unlike real piles of things, you can still easily find what you’re looking for. Pin important files or notes to yourself right on your desktop with sticky notes. Also, the more you use files, the bigger they will get. This makes them easier for you to find quickly.

Want to be able to see your family and friends whenever you choose? Create a photo frame on your wall to watch your friends’ photo feeds, or toss a photo to a Twitter or Facebook widget to share it with your social network.

Desktops have never been so much fun! I love my BumpTop!

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