Knife Safety

Knife Safety

Seconds after slicing my fingertip, I snapped this shot over the sink. Yeah, it hurt – a lot. I’m better now, though. It looks worse than it actually was, mind you.

  1. Always cut away from yourself. I forgot to follow this rule.
  2. Always make sure your blades are sharp. I remembered to follow this rule.
  3. Always have a firm grip on the handle. I remembered to follow this rule, too.

Moments after washing up, placing gauze over the wound, and applying pressure, I poised my hand above my head (heart) and paced a bit. I started to feel faint, went to lay down, and phoned 911. When the operator transferred me to the local respondents, she stated: “I have someone on the line who has cut off the tip of his finger.” I had to interject, laughing – “I just cut off the SKIN on the tip of my finger. I don’t want to pass out and start gushing blood all over the place.”

When the fire department crew arrived (four of ’em strong), I greeted them at the front door and offered beverages and snacks. They took one look at the finger in question and placed a band-aid over it. Of course, within seconds, the bandage was soaked (since I was still bleeding rather profusely). They bandaged it tighter with gauze and tape, and I pressed against the wound continuously for the next few hours.

It’s been a couple of days since the accident and I’m still oozing a little (which Imei says is normal – and she’s a nurse, so she’d know). The good news is that I haven’t been traumatized to the point where I’m avoiding sharp instruments – I’m just being hella more careful with them!