How to Run the Chrome OS in a Virtual Machine

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We’ve seen some excellent screencasts come in from all over the community. It’s not too late for you to submit your screencast for possible use on our channels! Today, we’re featuring one from Matt Fisher. He may only be a Junior in high school, but he sure does know his stuff! Matt is going to show us all how to use the Chrome operating system from within a virtual machine.

The first thing you’ll need to do, of course, is to download a Chrome image. Once it’s downloaded, open your virtual machine program and create a new VM disk. Choose the Chrome file you just downloaded, and continue on your way.

Customize your settings for things like CPU and RAM usage, depending on your needs. You can just use the default settings, as well. Name your VM whatever you choose. In this case, Matt named his Chrome.

Once Chrome is set up in your virtual machine, you’ll need to log in using your own Google account. You will then be taken to the Google home page, and you are officially using Chrome OS in your virtual machine! It really is that easy to do!

Thanks, Matt, for an awesome tutorial and screencast. Great work!

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