How to Install Your Favorite Windows Software

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The easiest ways to get programs these days is to download them. When I was getting started with software, you had to actually go to a store and buy them. The Internet didn’t really even exist back then! There’s software available for any platform these days, but this video is all about Windows… and the ease with which you can install programs using Ninite.

Choose your software, and let Ninite do the rest. It will download and install your programs with the default setup. It will even say “NO WAY!” to installing toolbars and other such nonsense that some programs try to sneak past you. All Ninite will do is install the latest versions of the programs that YOU choose. Nothing else is downloaded or installed onto your system.

I can’t think how it could get any easier than this, other than if the service could read your mind and know what programs you want without your having to click anything. Ninite has excellent choices, as well. I recommend – and use – many of them already! Choose your favorites in the following categories and get ready for easy install:

  • Web browsers
  • Instant Messaging programs
  • Media Players<
  • Photo/Graphic Editors
  • Document creation and editing programs
  • Anti-Virus programs
  • Runtime utilites (such as Java)
  • Utilities
  • Compression programs
  • Developer tools

The list is very good, with excellent choices… and it sticks them all into one nice, neat little installer.

If you know of any other easy ways to get the latest and greatest software, I’d love to hear about it.

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