Jay Grandin and Leah Nelson – 20,000,000 versus 20: Audience vs. Impact

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Leah Nelson and Jay Grandin have established themselves as accomplished New Media producers with web content that has seen audiences of over 35 million. The success of their short films, comedy and documentary work has led to contracts for original series with companies such as Myspace, and inspired them to found Giant Ant Media, a web-focused video studio that creates unique campaigns and shows for online audiences.

Nelson’s short documentary, Kaka’win, traveled to numerous festivals and was awarded Best Canadian Short at Toronto’s Planet in Focus Film Festival. While working on Bongo, they followed anthropologist and director of Urban Project, Danya Fast and were granted unique access to a world few outsiders are welcomed into. The trust they gained allowed them to witness a life-changing and often taxing experience in the lives of a group of street hustlers and brings an intimacy to the film that is necessary in telling their guarded stories.

Telling fart jokes on MySpace led to Jay and Leah start a charity, which led to making a documentary in Africa.

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