How to Cook Rice

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I’m gonna be on this video like white on rice, because we are learning to make rice! I told me friend Imei that I don’t know how to make rice, even though I love to eat it. She decided to teach me, since she is the rice master. She’s been making it since she was nine years old, so I’m guessing it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing.

Imei says that you have to rinse the packaged rice, since it is covered with a white film. It’s a polish of sorts, which makes it look nicer, and it’s not something you want to eat. So, I rinsed it a few times, and ran my hands through to make sure that it’s cleansed. I decided to make three cups, since it’s pretty pointless to make only a single cup. I’ll just refrigerate it, and heat it up for lunch tomorrow!

If you don’t have a proper rice cooker, then you can use any normal pot. I happen to have a Cuisinart rice cooker, and I’m told that is a good one! I was told to measure in one cup of water for each cup of rice. How easy is that? Yeesh. What took me so long to cook this stuff? Since I’m steaming the rice, I was told to give it a tiny bit of extra water, in order to replace what will be lost during steaming. An easy way to guess is if you eyeball it, and use your finger. Stick your finger straight down in the center of the rice and water. You want to make sure that the water and the rice is half and half.

Once it was ready, I put the pot into the Cuisinart, and turned it on the cook setting. When it’s ready, then it’ll let me know! How cool is that? It’s not rocket science! I placed a dish towel over the top of the cooker, to help catch the condensation from the steam.

I had to let it steam for about 25 minutes. Since I have no patience to speak of, this seemed to be an interminable mount of time!

Sadly, I embarrassed myself by pronouncing the word Shiitake wrong. I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended with that!!

For the record… the rice turned out perfectly!

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