10 Things to Do in Denmark

I’ve done several videos now to share your favorite places to visit in your hometowns. There’s been such an overwhelming number of these that I can’t possibly record them all! Since this one comes from a guy who claims that Denmark is the home of Geeks, I HAD to share it. I am a Geek, after all, and I’m assuming you are as well (since you’re watching my videos!). These are the things you should do if you ever visit Denmark – according to Nicolai.

  • First of all… it is a scientific fact that Denmark is the Geekiest country on the planet, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. According to them, Denmark is the leading nation in making use of new technology.
  • LEGO is a Danish brand. Visiting the LEGO theme park is a great Geeky – and fun! – experience. See the Statue of Liberty, Darth Vader and other cool celebrities made out of LEGO blocks.
  • Visit Amalienborg, which is our royal house. Denmark is a Monarchy, which means we have a queen or a king. They have on paper the absolute power. They have to sign all laws that comes from the government. Of course, it is just a formality. The split second the queen refuses to sign a bill, she would get “fired” and we would have a republic. We do have democracy after all.
  • Visit Randers Rainforest, which is a tropical zoo. It is amazing. You feel like you’re walking in the middle of a real rainforest, with snakes and monkeys living totally free among the visitors.
  • Sail with the worlds oldest paddle steamer. She is 148 years old and still going strong.
  • See the Little Mermaid, which is one of the worlds most photographed statues. She is situated on Copenhagen’s waterfront. A lot of people get a kick out of how small she is.(That is so Denmark in a nutshell – small and tiny).
  • Visit the home of the world famous writer of fairytales Hans Christian Andersen. You might have read one of his fairy tales called The Ugly Duckling.
  • If you are into sports, you can watch a professional soccer match in one of our stadiums. Soccer is our national sport. We stink at baseball, football and basketball… but we excel at soccer!
  • Hang out in some of our famous coffee shops. You can sit outside and enjoy the city life with your travel companions. Drink coffee and have a slice of Danish – the coffee cakes, of course.
  • I’m not only a Geek – I’m a barber, as well. So if you ever visit my shop and mention Chris’ email address, I will cut your hair for free!