70 Windows 7 Tips

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I have finally put together a new eBook70 different tips related to Windows 7. These are things you can come to expect from within the operating system. If you ask me, you should definitely think of updating to Windows 7 if you’re using XP still – and more so if you’re using Vista. It took quite a bit of time to put all of this together, and I hope you’ll consider taking a look at what I’ve come up with. At only $7.00, I feel that it’s an excellent deal. In fact, all of my eBooks are that same low price.

Let’s face it – making the change to a new operating system isn’t always easy. There are many new little things to learn… maybe something has been renamed, or is found in a new location. Maybe some application you’ve used for years is now completely different. Where do you even start in order to figure it all out?

That’s why I came up with this eBook. I noticed new and neat little differences right away when I started using Windows 7, and I started jotting them all down. I soon realized that I needed to share what I was learning with all of you. Hopefully it will help save you some time and headaches when you’re making the transition yourself!

If you haven’t decided yet to make the change, why not take a read through the tips to see what will be in store for you? I have a feeling when you really know what you’re going to be getting, you’ll be ready to make the commitment.

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