You Can’t Sum up a Life Within a Blog Post

Cory Carrier was better known on our IRC community as simply Gimpi. On Twitter, his chosen handle was Krippl. Are you noticing a theme yet? Corey was indeed physically crippled, living much of his life in a wheelchair. He also had to be placed on a ventilator much of the time, due to reduced lung functions. Cory lived with a very VERY rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. He refused to let MD define him. He refused to live his life in fear of what might happen. Instead, he chose to LIVE life – on his own terms.

We lost our friend Cory unexpectedly last night. It is a crushing blow to this community as a whole, and to me personally. You see, Gimpi was part of our chat community long before we even WERE a community. The kid wandered in so many years ago, I’ve lost count. I know it’s been 8 or 9 years at the least, and likely even longer than that. He was to turn 22 in December, so that tells you how young he was when he first came to us.

Cory had such a zest for life, and an amazing sense of humor. His ability to laugh in the face of his disabilities actually inspired many people. So often, people in situations such as he was just shrivel up and stop living. They let the disease become them. They give up, and live out their lives quietly. Not Cory. He pushed himself every day. He laughed often, and laughed loud. He was smart as hell, and an amazing graphics designer. He also was very loyal, and was fierce in his protection of his friends and loved ones.

How do you take the life of someone like Cory and sum it up into a simple blog post? I’ve slaved over this all damn day, and haven’t figured it out yet. All I know is that there is a huge hole in my heart tonight, as there is in that of everyone who was close to this awesome little dude. He touched so many lives, and was loved by all of us. There are literally no words for me to write to begin to explain who Cory was, what he stood for, and what he meant to us all.

I will simply say that this community will not be the same without our Gimpi. We will forever think of him fondly, and miss him greatly. And when we think back on all the years he was with us, we’ll remember him with laughter – along with the tears.

You are in our hearts, Cory/Gimpi/Krippl. And to your family and “real life” friends… may they know that they are in our hearts right now, as well, as they begin to learn to cope with their loss. If there is anything that our community can do, I hope you all know that we are on it – instantly. That’s the way Cory was, always reaching out to help. And that’s the least we can do now, in his honor.

Fly free, my friend. Fly free from the physical pain and constraints. Look upon us occasionally, and remind us to laugh every day.