Tech Support With My Dad

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My Dad is at home in Iowa, and needed help with some software updates. The easiest way for me to do that is to use remote software of some type. GoToAssist Express happens to be a partner of ours – and with good reason: I love the product. To me, it stands heads above others of its type for one main reason… the diagnostics and reports. I can see what’s installed, what’s running, and more as soon as I connect remotely to another machine. I don’t have to go to the hassle of asking the other person to “right click this” or “check on that” for me. It’s just there.

All I had to do was send my Dad a link for him to click. It asked him if he wanted to allow my connection to his desktop. Once he did, I had Dad’s desktop right on my screen. I can easily change the scale of how I view what’s on his screen. It won’t change anything on his end. It only changes my view.

Dad needed me to help him find and install a Microsoft Compatibility Pack, which is something that’s easy and fast for me to do. Since it’s something Dad has never done before, it was just simpler for me to connect to him via GoToAssist and do it for him, rather than to attempt to explain to him what he needs, why, where to get it, and how to install it.

Once we got that done, Dad had me check all of his installed software to make sure that everything was up-to-date. Did you see how insanely easy it was for me to control his screen, and take care of the problems and issues for him?

You can take care of your customers just as quickly using GoToAssist Express. You can even connect to them and fix things right from your home or office! Cut out the travel time and expense, and become an even better technician.

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