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Are Elliptical Trainers Effective?
By Dave Casey

Are elliptical trainers effective at providing quality workouts? It’s a very common question these days. You may have already heard of the popularity of elliptical trainers and almost every local community gym or gym chain has several of them. More and more people are buying elliptical cross trainers for their homes and more fitness trainers are recommending them than any other fitness machine out there.

What is the reason for this boom in ellipticals? It’s because word is getting out about the effectiveness of elliptical machines. This is not another fly-by-night invention making big promises that it can surely never live up to. Elliptical trainers are effective because they are designed for specific needs of the people who will be using them. Did you know that:

* Elliptical machines burn more calories that similar machines (treadmills, exercise bikes)
* Ellipticals can be adjusted for any fitness level from beginner to advanced
* Elliptical trainers allow a total body workout – not just exercise of the legs
* Elliptical machines are safe for people with joint injuries and the elderly
* Ellipticals reduce the stress placed on your joints and muscles during exercise
* Elliptical cross trainers provide a great fat-burning workout that is easy to do
* You can adjust the tension and resistance as you progress so you will never outgrow your elliptical machine
* Elliptical machines require very little training to learn to use them correctly

What’s Your Fitness Goal?

To answer the question about whether or not elliptical trainers are effective, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve. Before you can know for sure if an elliptical cross trainer will meet your fitness goals, you have to clearly identify these goals. An elliptical trainer is kind of a cross between a stair stepper and a treadmill so to understand their effectiveness you need to look at them in comparison to the machines they are replacing.

The use of technology that goes into creating an elliptical machine makes it more effective overall when compared to similar machines. When used correctly, it can help you burn more calories faster in comparison and it can give you more of a cardio workout with less impact and effort.

Here are some things to consider:

* What are your fitness goals?
* What is your current fitness level/experience?
* How much time do you have to use your elliptical?
* Are you looking for an “easy fix” to your fitness goals?
* Do you need a cardio workout regularly?
* Do you need weight training/bearing in your workout?
* Have you suffered from an injury (specifically a joint injury) and been told you need to take exercise gradually?

When asking yourself these questions, you help define a clearer picture of what your goals are and whether or not an elliptical machine will really be able to meet your requirements.

More about the Effectiveness of Elliptical Machines

Are you ready to learn more about the effectiveness of elliptical machines? You’re not the first person to ask “are elliptical machines effective” and you surely won’t be the last but elliptical machines are proving themselves to hold up under the pressure and scrutiny and out-perform many other fitness machines on the market.

Whether you are working at home on your own trainer or in the gym, you can benefit from every minute you spend on the machine. The workouts are fun and exciting and extremely effective so you will not become discouraged that you aren’t making any progress towards your fitness goals.

Now if someone asks you, “Are elliptical machines effective?” you know what to say!

About the Author:

Dave Casey is a freelance writer for The popular site provides tips for elliptical workouts and unbiased elliptical reviews covering 20 major brands and 60+ models.

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