What’s in Your Gamer DNA?

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While I was at PAX recently, I had a chance to talk with Stephen. He’s been a gamer all of his life, basically. He and a friend of his started a site called 360Voice. This is an online gaming community with a very unique twist… one that lets you track your Xbox 360 gamer DNA without doing anything more than playing your favorite games.

The data from your Xbox Live account is transformed from a snapshot into a history of your gaming life. It’s then told in blog format, only not from your perspective – it’s told from that of your Xbox! The posts will contain information about your daily game achievements and things like your most played games, and daily scores. Also, users can interact by leaving comments on your “posts”, compete in challenges to beat your scores, and even get badges for cross-game accomplishments.

The site has been around for about three years, and now they’ve branched out into gamerDNA. This is more of a social networking site for gamers of all types. Creating a profile for yourself on gamerDNA will give you a homepage that is your “dashboard” of everything you list on the site. From here, you can see what all of the gamers and games you follow are talking about, and even see what games your friends are playing at any given moment. This is an excellent place to see what’s going on in your gaming world, and even make new friends. Heck, you might even discover new games!

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