What Can You Do in an Hour?

Today on Geeks, there’s a forum post talking about having limited online time. The poster states that you should imagine for a moment that a law has been passed, allowing you only one hour of Internet time per day. There’s no way around this. After an hour, the Internet just shuts down. Can you even begin to process that thought? I nearly hyperventilated when I did. However, it was kind of a neat exercise. What would you do with your hour a day? Would you exchange emails with friends and family? Are you a Twitter addict, who would spend the entire hour sending out frantic tweets? Or would you maybe spend some time catching up on what everyone else is up to?

I honestly cannot say what I’d do with only one hour per day – nor what I’d find to do with the other hours I was awake. I mean, being online is my work AND my fun time. What the hell else am I supposed to do? If you even say to go outside, I’ll likely have to hurt you. While you’re trying to come up with a smart remark, make sure you click over to check out what’s new and hot on our downloads site today. You’ll find some excellent deals there!

What are your thoughts? What would you do online if you could only spend one hour per day connected to the World Wide Web?