Kodak Zi8 Review

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You might remember my review of the Kodak Zi6 awhile back. The folks at Kodak recently sent me the new Zi8 to review – and I’m very thankful they have. I really like what they have done with it!

For one thing, this video was recorded using the Zi8, and no tripod. I wanted to show off the amazing Digital Image Stabilization on this little machine. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? The Zi8 also allows me to hook up an external microphone, to allow for better sound quality. That, my friends, makes this gadget priceless in my book. The frame-rate is perfect in low-light situations!

I recorded in 720p at 60fps! That may not be apparent if you’re watching on YouTube, but it will be if you use the download link below. Kodak also kept with the macro feature. You can see while looking at my Bamboo tree, the tree comes into focus and fades away the background. You can easily switch between focal points with just the flick of a button.

There is, of course, a built-in USB port, allowing you to connect to your computer and upload direct to YouTube and other sites if you wish. The Zi8 has a slot for additional storage of up to 32GB. That will hold more pictures and videos than you will likely ever take.

I highly recommend the Zi8. It’s a great recorder, with excellent quality video output. At less than $200.00, it’s an excellent buy, as well.

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