How to Enjoy Your iPod / iPhone without Holding It

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It’s time to let go! Actually, it’s time to put your iPhone (or iPod) In Your Face. Sure, you could keep holding your iPhone and give your fingers cramps. Or, you can grab yourself an In Your Face viewcase, and free those fingers up for other things – such as drumming on your desk!

The top clamp is spring loaded, so it will allow your iPhone to fit nicely, whether or not you have a protective case on it. This holder is perfect for hands-free video viewing, or even normal phone usage/talking. It can attach to virtually any surface, including your desk, and airplane tray table, or even your monitor at work!

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of having to hold my phone. And, I don’t like having to remove the case in order to use other types of holders. The In Your Face holder lets me use my iPhone… and be doing something else with my hands. Talk about multi-tasking! I can talk on my phone and still continue to type whenever I need to.

If you need a holder for your iPhone or iPod Touch – or even if you don’t know you need one yet – this is definitely one you want to check out.

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