The Whole World Should be Silky Smooth

Yes, I admit it. When I began this blog post, I had the words from the movie Don’t Mess with the Zohan running through my head. In the movie, Adam Sandler’s character, Zohan, wants to become a hairdresser in America… giving up his “real” job as some kind of terrorist hunter. He is tired of killing and fighting, and just wants to help people feel good about themselves – and have their hair feel silky smooth. While this may seem idiotic for a Geeky type of blog, I assure you I’m going somewhere with it!

Think outside the words a moment, if you will. Saying the whole world should be silky smooth can be just another way of saying you would like to see the world be a happier place. There’s so much war, death and destruction going on. We have millions of people around the world without homes, without jobs, and without food. Our economy is in the toilet. People hate each other simply for the way someone looks. Why wouldn’t I wish for the world to be “silky smooth”? Don’t you wish for that? Aren’t you more than ready to have a little more peace in our lives, and maybe a little less stress? What are some small ways that you find peace, quiet and relaxation throughout your busy day?

One thing I like to do is a little something I’ve discussed with you many times before: I love to spend time reading what’s going on in our community. Sure, I read about world and national news. Heck, I’ve even been known to turn on my local news on the television. But I just get a real sense of peace, community and satisfaction reading what all of you are up to… your thoughts, your pet peeves, your happy moments. I like to stretch my mind by thinking of things in ways I may not have before, by looking into the way you see them. Keep on posting, everyone! And, make sure you take time to check out what others are doing.

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Whatever you do with your days, make sure you take some time to yourself. Relax and unwind, even if it’s only for five minutes. You’ll thank me later.