Is Your Business on Twitter?

Earlier tonight, we posted the video of Frank Eliason speaking at Gnomedex. His presentation was humorous, and informative. He gave us his top ten reasons why businesses should have a real presence on social media sites, such as Twitter. He made some excellent points – ones I sincerely hope you will take to heart. Social Media isn’t a fad. It isn’t going to go away. It’s here, it’s real, and it’s huge! You need to be a part of it, and you need to make good use of the time there. Use it to your advantage, and let Frank’s tips be your starting point.

Even if you don’t have your business on Twitter yet, I’m sure you are there. I think nearly everyone is these days, aren’t they? Communication is key when trying to build a business or personal community of any kind, you know that already. Why not take advantage of the easy connections you can make on a place like Twitter or Facebook? Heck, for that matter, why not try out Lockergnome or Geeks? Both parts of my community will allow you to meet new people, make great connections, and learn lots of things. There are people on both sites posting excellent content on a daily basis. Are you?

If you aren’t utilizing Twitter, why aren’t you? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.