10 Things to Do at Whistler, Canada

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We’ve been doing a series of travel tips for awhile now, and this is our next installment. It’s inevitable – you’re going to have to leave your house at some point in time. By doing these “places to visit” videos, I’m hoping that you’ll make time for some fun and sightseeing while you travel.

This list was sent in by chat regular Craighton. He was an attendee at Gnomedex, and worked right alongside Kat and our volunteers, even though he had paid for a ticket. He’s a great, hardworking young man and I’m very happy to have him as part of our community. Craighton is actually from right here in Seattle, but his family traveled to Whistler, Canada recently. He wanted to share some of the places he visited while there with all of you.

  • Go Ziplining – There is a ziplining company on the mountain that takes you through the views of the forests of Whistler and Blackcomb. The zipline goes through the forests and gives many amazing views. They even have a “freestyle” zipline where you can go upside down! It is available in the summer and winter!
  • Ride the Peak2Peak Gondola – For the 2010 Olympics, Whistler built a Gondola between the Blackcomb and Whistler mountain. The views on this gondola are incredible. It also breaks 3 world records for being the highest and longest gondola in North America. It is truly a sight to behold!
  • Farmers Market – Visit the farmers marked in the “Upper Village” on the Blackcomb side. This farmers market brings the freshest bread and crops from the area. During the farmers market, there is free music and much more.
  • Mountain Biking – If visiting during the summer, rent a dirt bike and bike down the mountain. It is fun for all ages, and it gives you a different view of the mountain. While there are jumps for the more experienced, there is also a side path so you can just ride down the mountain at your leisure.
  • Eat at The Brewhouse – Besides having world famous beer, they also have the best pizza on the planet. You should try their BBQ Chicken pizza!
  • Cows – Grab some ice cream from Cows! This local ice cream shop makes all their ice cream in-house, and uses local ingredients to make spectacular ice cream… it’s honestly some of the best you’ll ever taste.
  • Nicklaus North Golf – If you are into golf, go for a round at the “Nicklaus North” golf course. For golfers from beginners to experts, this course is for all ages and skill levels. This course is very flat and wide – so even the least talented golfers can keep the ball in the middle of the course.
  • Go to the peak of Whistler – You can travel by ski lift to the peak of Whistler Mountain. It is a breathtaking 360-degree view of the mountain range. The peak is the highest you can go on Whistler, and if you go to Whistler this is a must. Be warned, if you don’t like heights stay at the base because the gondola brings you over a big drop into a glacier.
  • Walk the Blackcomb loop – While on the Blackcomb mountain, you can walk the 1 hour loop that takes you around the top of Blackcomb mountain. This path takes you right into the center of the wild life. Who knows, you might even see a bear!!!
  • Geocaching – The company will give you a GPS with coordinates. Hike on Whistler and/or Blackcomb mountains to find different treasures, such as a free pass to ride the gondola.

If you’re into outdoors-y things, and gorgeous sights, it sure sounds like Whistler is the place to be!

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