Drew Olanoff – My Cancer is Social at Gnomedex

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Drew Olanoff has cancer – but cancer doesn’t have him.

Drew is fighting against his Hodgkin’s Disease the only way he knows how… by being social. He talks long and loud about this horrible disease, via every social medium he can get his hands on. And – it’s working. Drew and his team are raising awareness (and money for cancer research) to new levels every day.

Even before he was officially diagnosed, Drew started blaming things like losing his car keys on his cancer. He called up his friend Mike, and said “hey – we should start a website”. Little did Drew know what his idea would turn into.

As of the writing of this post, BlameDrewsCancer has had 12,379 people blame 29,265 things on Drew’s cancer via a Twitter hash tag. Even people like Lance Armstrong and Jon Bon Jovi have blamed something on his cancer. But why are they doing all of this blaming?

By blaming cancer for anything and everything, Drew is hoping to galvanize people into taking action, and helping to kick cancer’s ass once and for all. He encourages people to talk about the disease. It’s not something to be ashamed of, nor is it a dirty word. Cancer is a fact of life, one that touches nearly everyone in some way at some point in their lives.

Drew and his team of blamers entered into a partnership with the LiveStrong people. Together, they are working hard to help eradicate cancer for good.

Drew is fun and funny. He’s energetic and silly. He’s serious and sweet. He’s a friend to everyone, and someone who will not sit down and let cancer take over his life. He’s out there, in the face of cancer every day, doing everything he can to kick it to the curb. He’s appeared on countless radio and television shows, as well as appeared in a bajillion print articles. He even jumped out of a plane! In a word – Drew is awesome. The entire Lockergnome/Pirillo/Gnomedex community is behind him 10000000%, with our collective thoughts, prayers, wishes and love.

I urge you to do your part. Even if you cannot donate money to this amazing and worthy cause, don’t think you can do nothing. Send out tweets blaming Drew’s cancer for things. Email your friends and family, asking them to do the same. Volunteer at a local cancer center. Hook up with your local Hospice organization to see what they may need. Don’t just sit there, thinking others are going to find the cure. Only YOU can help make it happen.

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