What Does Your Computer Desk Look Like?

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Apparently, my desk makes a lot of people envious. I’m not sure why, unless you factor in all the gizmos and gadgets that I have in here. I’ve uploaded pictures of my desk before, as well as videos of my home office. Ricardo told me about a website where you can talk about your desk!

On Deskography, you can upload a photo of your desk and home office setup, to share it with others. The idea is to be able to invite people from around the world to see where you work. See where people you admire spend their days and nights. Thinking about redoing your office? Browse photos of desks that people in your industry have uploaded.

If you want to brag about your desk, why not upload a picture of your own? I know some of you have sent pictures of your setup to me, and I think it’s great. It would be more exciting to share it with the entire community, right?

I love what I’ve done with my office, but that doesn’t mean you’d be happy with it yourself. Why not check out Deskography and see what else you can find? You may just find the desk of your dreams!

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