How to Create and Browse Lifestreams

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How many people do you keep track of online? And how many different sites do you have to log into in order to do so? It can take a lot of time to accomplish this if you aren’t using the proper vehicle to help you. You’d have to log into each of what seems to be a hundreds sites and check up on what everyone is up to. Who has the time to do that these days?

I’m lucky in that I can have my own lifestream running right from within my blog. The WicketPixie WordPress theme has been developed by some of our community members, and is updated often. It includes a feature that allows you to have things ported right to your site, such as your latest tweets, status, and uploads.

What do you do, though, if you don’t have the necessary platform to run something like WicketPixie? Are you stuck logging into all of these sites one-by-one in order to keep up? The answer is no! There’s a piece of software that is cross-platform, running off of Adobe Air, that can make this task an easy and much faster one.

nomee is, quite simply, social media made simple. Once you register for your own account, you can start following other people you are interested in. For instance, let’s say you follow iJustine and want to see what she’s been up to recently. Click on her name or icon in your list of people you’re following. It will then take you to a page of all of the websites and services she has listed under her own profile. You can see at a glance what she’s updated recently. Clicking on the icon for that particular updated site takes you right to it… such as her Flickr page, or her Twitter account.

When signing yourself up on nomee, you control what others see. Choose which sites you want to have nomee keep tabs on, and that others are allowed to access. Let nomee help you make your social life much easier.

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